Filling the bags with olive pulp + video

Cyclades Olive Museum - Andros: The stone bench and the wooden basin. Detail.Cyclades Olive Museum - Andros: The stone bench and the wooden basin. Detail.

From the plate carrying the harness in a container, a craft, 'nteneke' more often and put it in a large wooden basin. 

The space was the santiliasma not always the same. He had the container for the trappings and a stone bench, on which was done the whole job.  View the relative video below.

The pot goes to the harness was either built from permanent slides, the «pitholaki» or «glyfto» stone, called «troughs», or a tree trunk or wooden bowls from the old olive press sovarela or small boats or a fee, on a plate to drain for not losing any oil. The pitholaki was 70 x 70 points by standing slabs of slate with squared-Niamey asvestoko the corners. This pitholaki chorage a hallmark ie 10 Kafkis olives (the reference is to John Rerra for this screw, the other screws needed another portion olives for a stamp). 

The oil in the bowls «pressed» and came out on top, especially when the weather was warm. It was the first oil, «testing» with the spoon, so before styftei. Said that this was the best. The testing schedule and wine and food in BAZAN. Said that oil from troughs are «virgin», «nistisimo».

Santiliasma was the sole work of vidatora as the «xesantiliasma». He had an enamel dish, which initially was this wooden, glyfto, and put it in the trappings «santila». The work is not required if muscle strength was extremely unhealthy. The reference to a vidatora is that his hands were flat to the bone from the acid oil.


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The «santiles» or «napes» (Gavrio region) were goat hair. Originally produced in the island, after purchasing from Monastiraki. «I remember my grandmother egnethe from the goat hair. It was a black wool thing ». 
The santiliasma was up in a timber that had a wooden frame from four picheis your mold in the shape of folded santilas.

Put the harness on santila to the plate, spread with the hand and put the harness on the first left after the face to his body, which was third in the body of the fourth and the right angle was the cord, passing the cord from the bottom and go diagonally and tie a package by a cross to be solved easily. The santila tied with string because open. 

In santila put 5-6 pounds depending harness the screw elsewhere was more smaller and elsewhere. The first to evgaze oil was vidatoras because oil santiles schedule.