Pressing the bags + 2 videos

Cyclades Olive Museum - Andros: The Cyclades Olive Museum - Andros: The "screw" and the "worker" at the pressing place.

In the area of the screw or «machine» 3 people working, the other two vidatoras. The main job was to fill vidatora the shirty and build the «column» shirty with, was the «stop» or «print» (Gavrio) or «hanging», according to the «bougazi», the height, which the screw. They took a one with two hands and go and put in «pans» or «paratigania» (Gavrio). That was the bottom to set up the santiles. The akoumpouse just to not go lop-sided, one above the other. The soles of the hands and made a stop. As made stops, one in support, not batteries santiles. Watch the following two videos.

 Depending on the size of the screw, the stop took 12 to 40 santiles. Most put in 15 to 20 santiles. 

Stops taking Kafkis 8 olives filled santiles 18, otherwise a different screw 10 Kafkis filling santiles 20 and another 11 in another screw that Kafkis 40 santiles filled with 30-40 kg of oil production. A Kafkis olives evgaze 2.5 to 3 kg of oil, as if it were Xeric olives, which evgazan more oil. The Xeric olive drinking water is not only oil. 

A stop with the xethermisma, took about an hour to complete and produce oil okades 18-20. This can be repeated 14-16 times a day and can reach 24 times. It could thus be produced in quantity and 350 okadon oil a day. But help could be fewer santiles to make a stop if there were olives. Then let the screw further. Calculating how much and where did Kafkis the stops. 


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If the paste was quite watery the risk of falling down santiles was big. To avoid this, they did a slight pressing and after put the rest.

All screws are well anchored, literally sfinomenes with italics beams from the ceiling and the wall in apanari for can not be moved by the intensity time of pressing by the worker. 

Over the washtub is a large hole, the «funnel», which means this gets the «Manuela» (Korthi region) or «manella», and the thick solid wood tightening, length 2 to 3 meters. The manela hard wood was before, which should be left in the mud a year to do this job. The initial tightness made by hand and rotate the perikochlio or chestnut with a hand of 4 or 6 handles, the «mastaria». The chestnut locked with a key that all together is called «bell» barrel because the tone «Dan Dan Dan» as the rotation of the assemblies and the iron key was going up and down. 

For the squeeze of oil needed 2 people. Wanted two good workers. There was a worker and that he himself was but a «strong man». Started by hand until it reaches the washtub and «press» santiles well. Esfingan but could by hand and then when «lies» archinousan the key and «maneli». When going back to the maneli xanasfixoun the key from one side was tapered and locked. When they wanted to unscrew, turning the key instead. The maneli a short and thick wood. Then put the large manela. The wood was kosina or oak. It had to dry well. They cut it when was full moon and they leave it for two months. 


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Finally put the «ergati» or «worker». The worker was thick cypress and had one or two holes to get within one or two respectively maneles small. Was wrapped around a very strong rope. The rope was a ship's rope with a noose, a «Cavos», the free end fixed to a thick groove of manella. The worker could be rotated and was well mounted on a beam and roof. In the old olive press was thick carved wood worker to fix the beam to withstand the tension. Rotating the worker, the crane rope, and more esfinge or screw. The maneles these and say «back» go because the one with the back. 

Also say «bar». At first the worker a good spin by hand and then when you push it, began to turn two, with the average people. To have to wear tight Tsarouchis, here with wheel travel with less collagen and elastic for the strain. As estyve wanted more strength. 

The worker with two manelles «one esprochne forward with chest and arms and the other from behind while holding manella. The front epiane with his two hands the manella the opposite. The next epiane the manella proexeiche the first set, so that the power to strike. The two were diagonal, had two small manelles speed ». 

As a worker and a good spin the rope was stretched to the point that the vast manela «FILOUS the worker». Pulling the manela of everyone and pulled the great vidatoras manela instead. Did the bell «fart fart fart» and said that «kelaidaei» listen when away from the bell now saying «get stamp», that nestle and be the next to go to catch series. As esfinge the vidatoras erichne and little water on top and «left no sacred lamps oil». Also understand the strain and supports the sign, which had reached the washtub, when they had to stop tightening. «The screw did a special sound». Another indication that we had to stop was when a kind of foam was apearing between the santiles. «The pearl, they say». This was an indication that the oil was out. 

When you reach this point the sound of the screw was very hard. Thus «the old lady, the lady Argiro, with her daughter when they heard that etrize the screw, open the Glavanis and called me over, do not put another ride, will not withstand the screw». 

After that they start to unlock and unclench the screw. The iron bolts had to lubricate the "perikochlio" and "ardachti". Therefore they were saying «This iron is thirsty».