Water and olive oil is coming out of the bags + video

As the screw was pressing the pulp the olive oil was coming out slowly. The curse has a look, the «kantalo», then the oil amourgia and water fall in a big «dip», bowls of oil. This was originally two posts or tree trunks, trees, or stone, later became an iron tank. Between the two positions there is a hole with a wedge which prevented the oil to go from one tank to another.

The player will show in this paragraph


The olive oil was becoming clear by it's own, left up, and water and amourgia go down. Opens a hole, a «nichtaraki», low in the container and left to the outside with a groove. When you fill the first container, opened the hole and then running off with clean oil in the second container. Can there be a separate hole for the water and separate the dregs that epeplee water at different heights. When you open the hole to leave the water when they went out and careful «sithia» oil, then closed the hole. 

The last thing left in the bowls and take what the customer the other day, it was not for food. They put it in a type of can called 'nteneke'. It was for soap and the sacred lamps or lamp. Indeed some vidatores when coming down where it was not the vulgarity and metragan it.