Tour in the museum & videos from the procedure

Cyclades Olive Museum - Andros: Fireplace in the museum.Cyclades Olive Museum - Andros: Fireplace in the museum. The guided tour in the museum offers information about old and traditional ways of olive oil production, together with information about qualities of olive oil, what we must look when we buy olive oil and about traditional agricultural architecture in Andros and in Cyclades.  The mill is divided in 3 rooms. That with the "voli", that with the "vida" and that with the "storage/videoroom". During the tour we will watch the prosess in which the oil is produced and through this we will analyze the details.

Finaly in the video room you can watch a video from an animal powered olive oil production that took place in the museum in the year 2000, using museum's original traditional equipment. 

Small parts of this video you can watch by clicking the submenu on the left.